75% of security professionals consider social engineering the “most dangerous” threat to businesses.

CS Hub Mid-Year Market Report 2022

Your solution against social engineering.

Social engineering is the process hackers use to break into systems by relying on human nature rather than just technology.

What happens when “John” from Accounting calls into HR because he forgot the door’s key code? What about a password reset?

All it takes is one mishap and a hacker is in.

A more secure solution to protect your business.

ID 20/20 software is a verification tool developed to stop social engineering by creating an easy, painless process to verify who’s on the other end of the line.

Is it “John” or is it John?

User verification, simplified.

Most solutions to stop social engineering are invasive or complicated for users.

ID 20/20 software makes the process nearly completely transparent to the end user. It takes less than a minute on average to protect you and your client from social engineering.

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The Nuts & Bolts

ID 20/20 is an in-house, SaaS application developed by MSP Solutions Group in order to allow a technician to verify a live caller on demand via a contact’s email or cell phone.

How It Works:

ID 20/20 software uses electronic communications to verify a user via either text messaging or email. This allows you to leverage telecommunications services tied to a specific individual in order to verify their personal identity (preventing identity fraud), prevent privilege escalation via social engineering, or provide security by ensuring your technician is speaking to the correct individual.

A code is dispatched to the selected communication medium (cellular phone or email) which a technician verifies with the system. If this code is incorrect, the system will log and alert the technician. ID 20/20 takes the questioning and human element out of the equation for preventing unauthorized access or other identity fraud without taking the humanity out of the call.

ID 20/20 software operates from a standalone SaaS cloud platform circumventing the need to download or maintain an application. This allows verification from any system with a modern browser and an internet connection without any separate download. Just because a tech is onsite, doesn’t mean they can’t follow process.